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In these restless times, there is HOPE!

I Am Arts, LLC Virtual Arts Camp Performance

In these restless times, there is HOPE! We must never forget!

I Am Arts Performers

Lauren Stewart

Hannah Washington

India-Rayne Toyer

Corrinne Smith

Chandler Williams

Alana Freeman

I Am Arts Staff

Guenada Lambert - Director

Jonathan Adams - Dancing Coach

Kortney Coleman - Acting Coach

Shanessa Sweeney - Script Writer

Byron Thomas - Music Producer

Aundreus Patterson - Guest Solo Artist

Travone Evans - Technical Director/Editor

Zoie Lambert - Assistant Editor

Monique Evans - Guest Voice

Special thanks to the parents of these fantastic young ladies. There is no way this could be possible if it weren't for you allowing me to nurture the gifts that lie within your child. Thank you for being diligent and patient. You are the BEST!! To the best team ever. Thank you for your mind of creativity. You never cease to amaze me As you all know many industries have suffered through this pandemic but none like the Arts. As artists we have not lost our desire to perform, we just have to do it a little differently now. If you believe in the healing, provided by the performing arts then join us, we need your support. Any contribution given to help in these future endeavors will be appreciated.

Send all donations via CashApp to $Guenada15

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